From western North Carolina. Grew up in NC, not anywhere close to Jai-Alai. The only thing that got him into it was his parents, who are from the Ocala area. He has been an avid fan of the sport for the last 7 years but only been playing it for the last few.

Mostly only playing against crappy walls in Asheville, NC he uses an Arrieta model cesta and favors watching Dania over Miami ... he doesn't post too much on the board, however is always there. Has a hard time finding anyone in the state that even knows what Jai-Alai is.

With Larry Blitz @ Orlando
June, 2005

He's looking for any cute girls that want to go watch or play Jai Alai with him. Haha
Hey, guys, I'm headin' down
to the Jiffy Lube to throw a few.
Anyone wanna go?