I'm a licensed Private Investigator in the State of Florida. My company specializes in recovering unclaimed funds held in the State of Florida. There are millions of dollars held by the State, and it is a great feeling contacting people to let them know they have money.

Never played jai alai, but I'm a huge fan. I started going to Dania with my parents at age 16. For some reason, I never got carded. I clearly remember hitting my first quinella (7-8). It paid $109 and I was hooked forever! My parents also used to go to Miami Jai-Alai and took me as well.

Went to college at the University of Florida from 1983-1986 and while in Gainesville I drove to every fronton that was located near me - Daytona, Orlando, Melbourne and Tampa. I loved those road trips. I used to drive to Ocala Jai Alai with my friends like twice a week! It was a 30 min drive, but we didn't care. The players were awesome! We were treated to the TAMPA roster during the summer, which was packed with all stars and up and coming young talent.

During the mid 80's I used to be a big "PIC-3" player at Dania. I used to invest like $64 or $125 when the pools where always over $1,200. I had so many 'signers', which are winners over $600. That was by far my favorite bet.

I am not married and I love the single life. I would have loved to try to play jai alai, but I'm left handed, and that would not work out.


My biggest hobby is playing poker.
I am a very good player,and even played
in the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2006.
I have several large wins under my belt.
Here I am in my Poker Stars gear getting ready to play.



And here, with Dan Le Batard (ESPN celebrity).
He's presenting me a trophy after winning one of his poker events.


Since 2005, I've worked part time for Bonefish Grill in Coral Springs.
I love the restaurant business and the social part of that job.
Sometimes, when I leave the office from my day job,
I can't wait to get to my night job.

In my Bonefish Grill coat at work


At Universal Studios Orlando, my
favorite place in the whole world


Chillin' again at Universal