I have been a Jai-Alai fan since BPT opened (used to love Yogi). Then, they kicked all the children out and I did not go back to Jai-Alai again until the summer of 1982 and I actually began playing Jai-Alai that summer in my living room (my mother brought me a Urrutia cesta). My good friend Russell then invited me to play at the New Haven Coliseum and I began playing with the Capazzo family -- a guy named Ron who always argued with Pat Capazzo, Righty & Lefty, and a man named George who had a very mean carom.

I then went to Amateur in Milford and started playing with a bunch of great guys (some were a**holes), some became pro, I had a chance to cross the picket line at Daytona Beach (while enrolled at Bethune Cookman College). I declined because I watched my family lose everything when they were on strike at Winchester (Olin). I have traveled to Florida, NPT and CT with my one and only true Jai-Alai buddy (My MOM), until she passed away, and I pray that I don't lose Jai-Alai too.

Diamond is married, with five sons.

Diamond in the Bahamas
(planning his next move)

Man, I looked good in that photo (just being honest).