Name: Mike (no, really)
Age: 64
Height: 6ft....some shrinkage may have occured.
Weight: 235......heh
Hand: Right
Hand: Left
Foot: Left
Foot: Left

Emphy proudly wears Post #9

There are no other recent pictures of me. I consider this a boon to society. I haven't been photogenic since about 1989 or thereabouts and was never a big one on photographs before that.....but at least then, they didn't make me look like, well, like I do now, which is, mainly, old, fat and ugly. If there are any more pictures taken of me, they'll probably involve a slab.

First Jai Alai game: on TV in California circa 1956 or 7 when they televised it for awhile...."World's Fastest Game" they said. Well, I HAD to see that!! I loved it. I managed to see one game live through a clever connivance (actually, I practically had to throw a fit) with friends who really wanted to see the chick and the pony in Tijuana after we'd been to the Corridas.

Worked in recording studios through the 70s and 80s and remained an electronic tech till now, where I do computer work of some varied and sundry function.

Accidentally found out that Jai Alai was still being played (I was flabbergasted) through a complete accident (and the gift of Google) and found out what I had missed when Jai Alai was in Vegas and I had no damned idea. Since re-discovering the game, I have been a devotee and avid watcher. I'd sure like to play some, but circumstances and age are all against me there.....so.
I suppose that's it......in what you might call a nutshell.