Joe V

Joe was a backcourter at Bridgeport. He played three seasons during the strike, with an overall .130 win percentage for his professional career.

Joe was a chef for more than 20 years - I suppose that's where he learned to 'stir the pot.' Back in the early 80's, working at at the Sheraton Hotel in Bridgeport, he would get out of work and hustle over to the fronton every night to catch the last couple of games from the cheap seats.

He's an avid Chalk Talk contest player, winning more than once, and literally destroyed the competition in the May, 2004 Rumble with his insightful picks. "Ol' Mr. 68", as he's affectionately known, was also at the first Chalk Talk Mohegan Sun conclave in March, 2004.

Joe V at his computer 

Judging by that grin,
I would guess he's just
figured out a way
to sneak a 6-8 blanket bet
past the judges .. lol