Mark K

Mark is a life-long fan of the sport. Got very involved in the late 90's as Milford Jai Alai was declining. He taught himself to play the sport in his late 40's and became a seasoned amateur, playing with the kids at Milford Amateur. In 2005, he still plays (at age 56) with Crab and the boys in Tampa.

Mark has a memorabilia collection of over 2,500 pieces, many of them one (or few) of a kind. He'd love to display the collection where all could enjoy it.

A quick peek at (some of) Mark's collection
(BTW, thanks to JoeV for all the pictures)

Just a side note: I remember meeting Mark for the first time at Newport. He apparently has a subset of this collection with him at all times, but, in this case, he was stopped by Newport security when he tried to bring in an accountant's satchel full of memorabilia to show the guys. They must have thought he was carrying a Portable Thermonuclear Device ... lol
P.S. Lots of other Chalkies have gotten the satchel treatment, too .....Tiger

A cesta (or six)

Milford Shrine

Gernika poster

Bobbleheads, medals & patches

Just a few programs

I'm sure there's far more behind the scenes.