Student's t

Student's t (real name, Steve Grilli) is one of a small group of Chalkie computer hacks. Formerly known as NewFan, he adopted his new handle in honor of mathematician W.S. Gossett (a/k/a 'Student'). Gossett was a statistical pioneer who developed the "Student's t-test" which addresses significance testing when dealing with small sample sizes.

He has lived in Atlanta since 1973, but was born in Brooklyn and grew up in Hicksville (Long Island), NY.
A football star at Hicksville High, he recalls his first high school dance, where the band featured 17-year old Billy Joel, a year behind him in school. As a college (Wesleyan) linebacker, his teammate was Bill Belichick, now Head Coach of the New England Patriots.

He is also an avid collector of graduate degrees in quantitative methods and urban planning. When able to tear himself away from Rumbles and jai-alai research, he travels to far-off places, watches Shakespeare plays and runs marathons (don't we all?).

Formerly a wild bachelor, he is now in a committed relationship with a former Boca Raton resident, who has moved to Atlanta. "Now," he says, "if I can just get her to stop rooting for the Marlins."

Name: Stephen Joseph Grilli
Born: October 22, 1951 in Brooklyn, NY.
High School: Hicksville (Long Island) High, Class of 1969
Class Standing: 48 of 1,066. (Yes, 1,066 - the heart of the Baby Boom)
Great Moment in Sports: All-league guard and linebacker for the division champion Hicksville Comets

1973 - B.A. (English Literature) - Wesleyan University
1979 - M.S. (Urban Planning) - Georgia Institute of Technology
1982 - M.S. (Decision Science) - Georgia State University
2001 - M.S. (Biostatistics) - Emory University
      (Last two degrees earned while working full-time, which is no picnic.)

Professional Base SAS Programmer, 2003
I know about a half dozen programming languages and stat packages, but SAS is my main axe.

Basically worked three jobs in my lifetime, all in Atlanta:
Social worker, 1974-1976
Urban Planner, 1977-1984
Currently (1984-present), Statistical Programmer/Analyst
Life Office Management Association (LOMA)
My work at LOMA (an insurance trade association) is primarily in educational stats, but I also do sales forecasting, survey research, special projects, pretty much anything with a number and a bit/byte in it.

The hippie years,

The marathon days,
circa 1993

Golfing at La Costa
(prefers air guitar
to graphite driver)

La Jolla, 2003

Student's t at Fronton Palacio,
Tijuana, 2003


Student's t's Hobbies
(until 1986)
(use your imagination)
Distance running
(1986 -- present)
I've completed 12 full 26.2 marathons, including qualifying for and running Boston. I hope to do the Medoc Marathon in France in 2007 -- they serve red and white at the water stops! The package includes a tour of the Bordeaux chateaus, which will go down easy after the run.
Shakespearian Theater My goal is to see all of the Bard's plays live; I have about six to go, but they are the ones that are never performed.
Adventure Traveling A group of my NY friends like to go to interesting places, and they have signed me on. Best trip so far was a trek through the mid-Himalayans on a trip to Bhutan. We had a great trip to Morocco planned a few years back - Marrakech, trek into the Atlas Mts., then riding camels through the Sahara, all to finish up in a seaside resort. Unfortunately, we were scheduled to fly to Muslim North Africa on Sept 15th, 2001.
Jai-Alai Simulation Modeling The quest that has no end.


"Bad Hair Day"
1972 Wesleyan Cardinals
(Student's t, bottom right)
Student's t had long waited for that special phone call from his
teammate Bill Belichick (Patriots Head Coach, upper left),
but now that Tedi Bruschi's back, well ...