Born and raised in The Bronx, currently living in Queens. Happily divorced with one 20 year old son. Employed as a college financial aid administrator.

First introduced to jai-alai at Bridgeport in 1976, and was hooked immediately. His all-time favorite player was Inclan. Charter member of American Amateur Jai-Alai in Milford in 1980, played pretty much weekly (and weakly) until 1985, then didn't strap on the cesta again until 2002. Doesn't play much any more, but still likes to throw it around when the chance presents itself.

Enjoys most sports, particular weaknesses being the Mets in baseball and the Rangers in hockey. Has been known to enjoy a good poker game, as well as logic and math puzzles. Also a fan of just about any kind of comedy, and of anything Star Trek. Lived in New York all his life, except for a seven year stretch in Las Vegas from 1994-2001. Probably will move back to Las Vegas upon retirement, whenever that is.



Here's his roster photo from the website of the Association of Filipino-American Pelotaris (of which he is a member). He returned to the cancha in 2002 after a 17 year layoff and quickly found out that the game is a lot tougher at age 50 than it was at 33. His playing name is Perriaga, but on his bad days he's been heard referring to himself as 'Dropetegui'.

Never had a lot of power, but is adept at keeping his opponents in a defensive position on the court. Being a natural southpaw, his left side is far better than his right. Favorite shot is the reverse two wall. Now, ... if only there was a three wall court somewhere in the New York area ...